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Taking blood pressure at home

In some people, it turns out that blood pressure at home is much lower than when measured at the practice. And because blood pressure can change in any situation, 1 measurement at the GP's office is not useful. If you want to be sure your blood pressure, on average, is good, then measuring at home is the fairest measurement. With your home measurements, we can then better estimate what your average blood pressure is.

Even if you are on medication for high blood pressure, you will only need to come to the practice for check-ups a few times a year. Then try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep taking your medication to keep your blood pressure good. In the meantime, you can measure your blood pressure yourself at home once a month, so you can see for yourself whether the medicines are working properly.

How do I measure my blood pressure?

See instructions on how to measure your blood pressure at home on the website of Home doctor Whether the Heart Foundation.

How do I get a blood pressure monitor?

It is possible to borrow a blood pressure monitor from the practice for a number of days. If you would like to use this service, please contact the doctor's assistant to see if a meter is available.

In addition, it is of course possible to purchase a blood pressure monitor yourself. If you would like to, you can purchase a blood pressure monitor at a discount through Amstel Medical. Amstel Medical sells blood pressure monitors approved by the Heart Foundation. By using the discount code STAZ10, you will receive 10 per cent discount on the items below:

  • Omron M-300: This meter has 21 memory locations and has a flexible band, suitable for people with sagging skin around the upper arms.
  • Omron M-500: This meter has 100 memory slots for 2 users. Standard cuff from 22-42 cm.

Before ordering the meter, you should first measure the circumference of the upper arm. This is because this determines the size of cuff needed. The possible sizes are:

  • 17 - 22 cm = Small cuff
  • 22 - 42 cm = Standard cuff (this cuff is supplied as standard)

The meter can be used in 2 ways with an adapter or with batteries. Buying an adapter once (+ € 10,=) is cheaper than changing batteries all the time.

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New telephone system

From 20 June, we are using a new telephone system. With this system, you can choose not to wait for the assistant to speak to you, but to be called back by the assistant at a later time. Of course, you can always choose to stay in the queue.

With this, we hope to increase the practice's accessibility and manage waiting times better. It will take some getting used to for everyone. For you, because you will suddenly come into contact with the practice in a different way, and also for the assistants, who will have to familiarise themselves with this way of working. We hope for your patience and especially for an improved accessibility of our GP care for you.