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Complaints scheme

We strive to provide good service for you as a patient, this applies to both our service and our medically substantive care. If, despite this, you are not satisfied with our service, we will be happy to discuss this with you. If we are aware of your dissatisfaction, we can try to solve it together with you. To do so, you can call the practice or fill in the form below.

In the unlikely event that you do not come to an agreement with us, you can discuss your complaint with an independent and impartial complaints officer. The complaints officer will work with you and the practice's complaints committee to find a solution to your complaint or problem and will try to mediate. The complaints officer does not take sides and supports you throughout the process. You can come here with your questions, get advice and, if necessary, help with formulating the complaint in writing. In addition, everything you tell the complaints officer and the complaints committee is confidential.

For independent mediation, the practice is affiliated to DOKh. The practice's internal complaints committee consists of Ms T. Groot (GP) and Ms van Diemen (Practice Manager). Extensive information on the complaints procedure and regulations can be downloaded at www.DOKh.nl

Often mediation through a complaints officer is sufficient to resolve the complaint and restore the relationship between the doctor and the patient. Unfortunately, this is always the case. If the complaints procedure continues, from then on it is called a dispute. The practice is also affiliated with the DOKh foundation for disputes. DOKh's dispute body is recognised by VWS. More information about the disputes committee is here find.

Visiting and postal address
DOKh Foundation Robijnstraat 6 1812 RB Alkmaar

Contact details
T 072 - 527 91 00 (Secretariat)
T 072 - 520 83 25 (Disputes and complaints procedure)
E secretariaat@dokh.nl
E klachtenengeschillen@dokh.nl

The DOKH secretariat can be reached on weekdays from 8.30am to 4.30pm at the above phone number.

Do you have a complaint?

Please leave a message. We will try to reply as soon as possible.

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New telephone system

From 20 June, we are using a new telephone system. With this system, you can choose not to wait for the assistant to speak to you, but to be called back by the assistant at a later time. Of course, you can always choose to stay in the queue.

With this, we hope to increase the practice's accessibility and manage waiting times better. It will take some getting used to for everyone. For you, because you will suddenly come into contact with the practice in a different way, and also for the assistants, who will have to familiarise themselves with this way of working. We hope for your patience and especially for an improved accessibility of our GP care for you.