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Frequently asked questions.

How do I request visits?

When it is not possible to come to the practice yourself, the GP can also visit you at home. For example, because you are too ill, (temporarily) disabled or have difficulty walking. To request a home visit, please contact the assistant between 08:00 and 10:15. The assistant will decide, possibly together with the GP, whether a home visit will be made.

How can I register at Huisartsenpraktijk Westeinder?

The practice is open to patients living in postcode area 1431 BA - 1431 ZZ and who are not yet affiliated to a general practice. If you would like to register with the practice, please contact us.

There have been changes to my address details. Where can I go?

Have your address, insurance details or phone number changed? It is important that you communicate these details to us. Consult this page for instructions on how to do this.

I have moved and want to join another practice. How do I go about this?

If you wish to deregister, please kindly inform our practice at any time. Please contact our doctor's assistant to discuss deregistration.

What is the stay-away rate?

Can't come to your appointment? Please notify the assistant at least 24 hours in advance. The appointment will be cancelled and you can usually make a new appointment immediately. Of course, no "no show" fee will then be charged.

If you did not show up, we will charge a rate of €25.00 for a single consultation and €50.00 for a double consultation. A rate of € 50.00 will be charged for an appointment for the practice counsellor (somatic/ mental health). Finally, with them, long consultations or conversations are reserved for you.

Do you also issue medical certificates?

A medical certificate is a letter from the doctor describing that the patient has limitations or is ill and for these reasons needs special facilities or can no longer do certain things. In the Netherlands, the KNMG (Royal Dutch Society for the Promotion of Medicine) has taken a position on this which reads as follows:

"The KNMG's position is that an attending physician should not issue statements about one's own patient, making a judgment about a patient's (medical) fitness or unfitness to do or not do certain things. Examples include: is someone able to work, drive a car, go to school, take good care of children, is a booked trip rightly cancelled or is someone entitled to a parking permit or adapted housing? Such certificates should only be issued by an independent doctor. The independent doctor can make his or her own assessment of the situation. If necessary, with the patient's consent, the independent doctor can request additional information from the treating doctor(s)."

To explain to patients why the treating doctor does not issue a statement, the KNMG has prepared the so-called 'refusal note'. The refusal note is available in Dutch, English, Turkish and Moroccan Arabic.

Can I come to you for a driving test?

The GPs in our practice are not trained to perform driving licence examinations. For a driving licence examination, please contact Cheap inspections (tel. 085 – 48 83 616) and at Rule Care (tel. 088 – 232 33 00). These are national phone numbers. You can provide your location (Aalsmeer).

I want to apply for home care. Where can I go?

Requesting home care is in principle arranged by the patient's immediate family. Only in exceptional cases can the practice assist in this. The details below are from the home care agencies we work with the most.

How do I grant permission to my GP to provide necessary information to relatives about my clinical picture?

Giving permission to your GP allows the GP to provide necessary information to your loved ones about your illness. This can be done by completing the attached document and handing it in to your GP in printed form.

Can I come to you for a traveller's vaccination?

Unfortunately, our GPs are not trained in giving advice regarding traveller vaccinations. For traveller vaccinations and advice on these, please contact GP Borg in health centre Aalsmeer Oost. You can schedule an appointment online in the consultation hour. The consultation hour takes place in the evening between 18:00 - 21:00.

Where can I leave my complaint?

We strive to provide a good service for you as a patient, this applies to both our service and our medical care. If, despite this, you are not satisfied with our service, we will be happy to discuss this with you. If we are aware of your dissatisfaction, we can try to resolve it together with you. You can contact us via this form.

What happens to my data?

Your GP and your pharmacy may share your medical data with other healthcare providers. For example, if a GP at the GP surgery or a service pharmacy needs your medical data to help you quickly, properly and safely. Sharing your medical data is done through the National Switch Point (LSP). But only if you agree.

Would you like to arrange your consent for your medical data to be made available electronically via the National Switch Point? Then go to the website Volgjezorg. You can arrange your authorisation for your GP and pharmacy there.

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New telephone system

From 20 June, we are using a new telephone system. With this system, you can choose not to wait for the assistant to speak to you, but to be called back by the assistant at a later time. Of course, you can always choose to stay in the queue.

With this, we hope to increase the practice's accessibility and manage waiting times better. It will take some getting used to for everyone. For you, because you will suddenly come into contact with the practice in a different way, and also for the assistants, who will have to familiarise themselves with this way of working. We hope for your patience and especially for an improved accessibility of our GP care for you.