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Examination results

Have you had blood taken or have you submitted urine? The results of these medical tests give the GP a fuller picture of your health and possible treatments. Moreover, these tests can help detect health problems at an early stage.

On average, it takes two working days for the results to reach us.

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Viewing your test result online

You can view your results in your file on MijnGezondheid.net. Once the result has been received and assessed by us, we will post it on MijnGezondheid.net with an explanation. This allows you to view the results at your leisure at a time that suits you. You will receive an e-mail as soon as the results are ready for you on MijnGezondheid.net.

Discussing your test result with your GP

If you wish to speak to your GP by phone about a result or for advice, please call the assistant first between 08:00 - 10:30. She will often be able to answer your question. If this is not the case, she will make a note of your telephone number and agree with you what time your GP will call you back.

You can also use MijnGezondheid.net to request an e-consult with your GP to discuss your results. This is possible on Monday mornings until Friday afternoons. For serious complaints or life-threatening situations, call the practice or the GP surgery.

Tips for submitting urine

If a bladder infection is suspected, urine should be collected in a clean container after a three-hour period without urination. It is best to deliver the collected urine to the GP or to the laboratory as soon as possible. If this is not possible, the urine should at least be kept in the fridge. This cannot be done for more than 24 hours. Jars are available in the practice in which you should hand in your collected urine. Urine collection requires hygiene, with the genitals having to be cleaned with water. Part of the urine is then collected in the container and the remaining part is discharged into the toilet. The jar is sealed immediately and labelled with name and date of birth.

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New telephone system

From 20 June, we are using a new telephone system. With this system, you can choose not to wait for the assistant to speak to you, but to be called back by the assistant at a later time. Of course, you can always choose to stay in the queue.

With this, we hope to increase the practice's accessibility and manage waiting times better. It will take some getting used to for everyone. For you, because you will suddenly come into contact with the practice in a different way, and also for the assistants, who will have to familiarise themselves with this way of working. We hope for your patience and especially for an improved accessibility of our GP care for you.